Hello! and welcome to the newly launched Callcentric Blog.

VoIP and communications technology are evolving at a rapid pace. In order to keep up, both we and our users need to be informed and aware. Because of this we have decided to start a blog to share our experiences and knowledge as well as the experiences and knowledge of the individuals we interact with every day. With this blog we don’t intend to provide just the rosy side but also the side of VoIP and technology that can affect users in a not so positive way.

For those of you who are new to Callcentric, we are a VoIP provider operating out of New York City. We offer communications solutions and features for individuals as well as businesses and have done so at an excellent level, according to current and former users, for the past 7 years. All of our clients have access to competitively priced solutions, features and free support. We work hard, not for marketing or promotional purposes, but because these technologies and issues are at the heart of everyone working at Callcentric. The marketing and promotions are simply a product :-) of our hard work.

In addition to starting our blog we recently made changes to our website which represent our desire to remain in touch with technology and the needs of our users. Including:


Our redesign brings a new modern style to the Callcentric website. A representation of our focus on change and progress


Get free phone numbers in New York State. These numbers are absolutely no cost on their own and can be used at home or in the office.


New service options gives you even more choice and flexibility. Flexibility you can use at the home or office.

These changes are not just part of a simple update but represent our focus to adapting to the needs of our clients and our forward looking attitude. We listen to our clients as much as we can, both before and after they have questions. Now we want to listen to our clients as well as non Callcentric users before they even join us.

We look forward to using this blog as a tool to inform users, as well as ourselves, and to expand our knowledge of our own industry. Once again welcome to the Callcentric Blog. We look forward to learning from you as well as teaching you!