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Callcentric Support Diaries

We know that the disconnect between services and their clients can be large and overwhelming. How often do you see a commercial on TV and think to yourself: “Does that company even have a soul anymore or are they just bobble heads making talking points?” At Callcentric we do not want you to feel this way. We have real people doing real work which they genuinely either love or can just tolerate :-). In this opinion based piece we will see the viewpoints of a few of the Callcentric professionals who work everyday to resolve issues and assist clients in many ways. Continue reading

Callcentric is on Vacation

For the vacationers and business goers out there there’s nothing like an all inclusive package for your trip, food, and the business at hand, which could be no business at all. You take with you what you need and enjoy your time. At the end of it all you want to feel like you’ve maximized your budget. If you are part of the unlucky crowd you may have come home from vacation and then a month or so later are served with a ridiculous bill for the calls you received. Or were you charged an exorbitant amount for the calls back home to let everyone know that this trip is absolutely amazing? Sorry for the scare tactics but lets step back a bit. When planning began you tried your hardest to get the best deal so why should you stop at hotel rooms and bookings? Why not save on your calls to keep in touch with those most important to you. Well that’s just what Callcentric can do for you. If you want to know how to save while you enjoy yourself read on. For the others, well we have this magic fish oil here… Continue reading

Review: Obihai OBi202 ATA

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) users in the VoIP world became familiar with Obihai a few years ago with the introduction of the OBi100 and OBi110 devices. Although Obihai itself is a new company the expertise and people behind the company have been at work in the VoIP hardware sector from the Komodo device in the early 1990s to Sipura technologies, Linksys PAPs and finally to the Obihai we know today. Continue reading