Callcentric is on Vacation

For the vacationers and business goers out there there’s nothing like an all inclusive package for your trip, food, and the business at hand, which could be no business at all. You take with you what you need and enjoy your time. At the end of it all you want to feel like you’ve maximized your budget. If you are part of the unlucky crowd you may have come home from vacation and then a month or so later are served with a ridiculous bill for the calls you received. Or were you charged an exorbitant amount for the calls back home to let everyone know that this trip is absolutely amazing? Sorry for the scare tactics but lets step back a bit. When planning began you tried your hardest to get the best deal so why should you stop at hotel rooms and bookings? Why not save on your calls to keep in touch with those most important to you. Well that’s just what Callcentric can do for you. If you want to know how to save while you enjoy yourself read on. For the others, well we have this magic fish oil here…

So how can you save money and maximize your trip budget you might ask? Simple. Take advantage of your Callcentric account and use the many tools and features available on your account.

Calling Card


iPhone | Android

For starters staying connected can be a simple matter of taking your smartphone along. Most iPhone and Android smartphones will allow you to use a SIP client to easily keep in contact. Just because you’re not home doesn’t mean you’re out of reach. You can unplug that ATA and stay within reach, if you really want to of course. Users of other mobile devices such as Nokia and Windows Phone also have access to SIP clients and don’t have to feel left out. If you’re interested then check out CSIPSimple, Acrobits, Bria and LinPhone for some clients we have tested and are confident should work normally. Users who do not want a full fledged SIP client can use the Callcentric App for Android or iPhone. With this free software you do not need a full fledged SIP client and can receive calls through the click2dial interface. It may be a bit confusing at first however take this example:

While on vacation, we all need a break from all those SIP traces sometimes, Callcentric’s technical lead tested out the application on his iPhone. He purchased a local $5.00 SIM card which assigned him a Mexican number and then with the app was able to receive unlimited incoming calls. The way the application works is you configure the number you wish to receive calls on in the preferences. You need wifi, which is generally available in most vacation locations at little to no cost. Once you connect to your account you simply dial the number you wish. You will receive a call on the local number and then, once connected, the number you dialed will also be connected. All of this without the need for a full fledged SIP client or extra hardware, while at the same time saving money. Users will want to keep an eye on the Callcentric application as we are constantly improving it and hope to bring some convenient features in the near future.

If you don’t want to take your phone with you then thats’s not a problem, you may use call treatments to forward incoming calls on your number(s) to ring into your hotel room, local number or you can even configure it to send voicemail messages as attachments to your email address for the future. Combine this with the calling card feature available to you at no extra cost and you can respond to those who you actually want to respond to. Remember that no matter where you are the Callcentric rates you currently enjoy will never change based on your location.

Of course vacation is vacation and we get away from the hustle and bustle to clear our minds. If you do not want to hear the phone or deal with the server farm that went down or that terribly annoying client, you can simply create a voicemail message and let your callers know that you’re relaxing, enjoying the sun while they’re trying to reach you in futility. Sometimes getting away from everything makes the most sense and even then you can still set your Callcentric account to handle things while you’re away.

If you’ve had an experience using Callcentric or VoIP on vacation let us know. I’m sure we’ll be glad to hear about it and share it with others.