Callcentric Support Diaries

We know that the disconnect between services and their clients can be large and overwhelming. How often do you see a commercial on TV and think to yourself: “Does that company even have a soul anymore or are they just bobble heads making talking points?” At Callcentric we do not want you to feel this way. We have real people doing real work which they genuinely either love or can just tolerate :-). In this opinion based piece we will see the viewpoints of a few of the Callcentric professionals who work everyday to resolve issues and assist clients in many ways.

We will focus on two questions, with each person choosing the question they want to answer. Question one focuses on what it is like to work in Callcentric Support. Question two focuses on the effect of technology in relation to communications and personal experience.

Gifty M:

“Before Callcentric, I had limited experience with VoIP. My ATA was a locked device that I didn’t have much access to. At the time, I thought that was the only available option other than having a traditional landline. Once at Callcentric, I learned that we were a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) VoIP company that allowed us to work with many different hardware and software. I was introduced to SIP as well as all the many different features we offered; from call treatments, DID forwarding to the click2dial and calling card features. Being able to offer a wide variety of features and add new features that many of our clients request is always fun and exciting.

One thing I must say is that we definitely do appreciate our clients and their feedback. Whether they are paid or free clients, we take all requests and feedback into consideration. We are always working towards improving ourselves and giving our clients the best service and experience possible.”

Gerald O:

“It is simply amazing to think about how casually people use technology to communicate these days, and how accessible it is in many countries. Most people would probably describe us here at Callcentric as “geeks”. For both personal and professional reasons we keep up with consumer electronics and technology, the web, and how we use it all to communicate.

Thinking back to when I was younger and we had one phone in the house, and I would get in trouble if I stayed on a call for too long, to now where we all carry cell phones that we can use for not just audio but also video calls. We also have text messaging, social networks, news feeds, etc. Then even beyond that we live in a connected society with smart TV’s, computers that are always online, tablets, and so forth where we have the same information and communication options available.

Working at Callcentric gives me another perspective on technology; oftentimes when new devices come out what we do is figure out how we can get Callcentric to work on it; this helps to highlight the versatility of SIP as a protocol, and the importance of modern phone services like Callcentric that can be used most anywhere. The fact that we can run SIP clients for VoIP on our computers – across all operating systems, on our smartphones, tablets, TV’s, office phones, etc.means that we can stay connected to other people no matter where we are.

I love technology, I’m always out looking for the next big thing. It’s normal for me to be surrounded by 5 screens of various sizes when at home and even at the office so that I can keep up with all the news, messages, personal and work communications, and all my media.

Going back to my previous example of living in a home with several other people using one phone that could handle only one call at a time, and now moving into this modern era where we all have multiple phones and messaging options available at almost any given moment makes me wonder where we will be in another 15 years.I look forward to seeing where the future takes us and how it allows us to interact with each other as time goes by.”

Malcolm P:

“Working at Callcentric has definitely been a wonderful learning experience. From the early days of looking at a SIP packet and thinking WTH to unboxing a Grandstream GXV3140 and snom 370. When I first started here I knew enough to get hired but I quickly realized that my elite network at home had nothing on the global network we were developing here. But with the laid back and encouraging environment at Callcentric I quickly began to learn the ropes. My first experiences with software such as Asterisk was painful. Even now I still look at it and get a bit annoyed; but I can manage most issues without any problems.

Eventually after training I had to deal with customer issues. When I first started we had very technical customers and giving them technical responses was no problem. In fact they loved it. As time went on I experienced customers with various issues ranging from software and hardware, to complex situations with multiple networks. Some issues required escalating and I was right there, as the next person wanted me to be, to experience the process. I always got a thorough explanation and as such when certain issues arose they became second nature to investigate and resolve.

The types of customers I’ve worked with has certainly expanded. I’ve experienced people who were elated that I could tell them how to setup their account to the people that had to be “that guy”. “That guy” always had a three layered network with NAT and QoS, as well as routers from 4 different manufactures while also using Asterisk and freeswitch. This isn’t an outrageous exaggeration; however as I did deal with some complicated scenarios which required circumventing IP and router layer configurations. I always wanted to resolve the issues I’ve worked on and went as long as I needed and as far as I could; sometimes even calling clients on the phone. At the end of it all I learned a lot and am still learning. I wouldn’t say I enjoy SIP per se but I do enjoy the satisfaction of resolving an issue and seeing things work. I would be happiest if all the issues I dealt with were resolved perfectly all the time but am also satisfied that I do get to resolve the ones I do.”

We will return with more experiences of the Callcentric support team in the future and hope this gives an idea of just who works at Callcentric!!!