New Features!!

We are excited to announce the following new Features and Promotions available as of September 24, 2012. Features include free Toll Free number porting, free Vanity Toll Free number search, new account center alerts, improved security with IP whitelisting and bugfixes for 3 way and 4 way calling.

For detailed information on the Features and Promotions listed below please visit:

Free Toll-Free DID Porting

For a limited time we will be waiving the standard porting fees ($25 per TF Number Ported) for ALL Toll-Free Port Requests submitted after 9/24/2012.

Free Vanity Toll-Free Number Search

We now provide full support for US-Based Vanity Toll-Free Numbers. A Vanity Toll-Free Number search tool has been added to our website and for a limited time we are waiving all associated costs related to searching for and attaining these numbers.

Enhanced Account Security with IP Whitelisting

Provides an additional layer of security for customers connecting to our service over a Static IP Connection. When activated this feature will immediately invalidate existing registrations and ONLY the specific IP Address(es) that you define via the My Callcentric Account Portal will be allowed to register to your account.

New Account Center Alerts

To enhance the Customer Service experience, an alert center has been created within the My Callcentric Account Portal which will dynamically relay important account related information. Current Account Center Alerts include LNP Status Updates, Fraudulent Activity Alerts, Billing Related Concerns, Trouble Ticket Update Notifications, and more are going to be added in the coming weeks/months.

3-Way Calling Issue (To/From PSTN) Resolved

An issue relating to dropped calls and audio when performing 3 way conferences and placing PSTN calls on hold in specific situations was resolved.

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