New Features for Spring 2013

We’ve been busy over the last few months improving our network and working on new features based on your feedback. We try our best to resolve our customers’ concerns as quickly as possible and we ALWAYS have open ears when it comes to listening to feature requests and suggestions.

The following features and service enhancements were created with you in mind and there is more to come! With that said…

We are excited to announce the following new features and promotions for SPRING 2013!


Extensions (Sub-Accounts)

You asked for it and we worked on it. We have added the ability to use extensions with your Callcentric account. Have multiple devices? No Problem!


Manage your extensions easily

With extensions you can configure additional sub-accounts to your existing/new account! Sub-Accounts can be added in real-time via the My Callcentric portal and there are no extra charges/fees whatsoever to add devices to your account.


Updated My Callcentric Account Portal

The My Callcentric Portal has been re-designed to simplify/enhance the user experience and also to lay the framework for some exciting new features to be added in the coming months. Some of the highlights of the updated My Callcentric Portal include:

Revamped and ready for action

The Account Dashboard page has been re-designed so you can log in, immediately review important account settings, and complete some of the most frequently performed account actions in just a click or two.


Easy to manage

You can assign friendly/memorable names to each of your extensions (sub-accounts), assign specific names for internal Extension to Extension calling, and can see the exact Hardware/Software that is registered to each Extension in real-time


Easily handle unwanted calls

Friend call you from a new number and want to add it to your phone book? You can now quickly create Call Treatments directly from the last calls made/received list on your main Dashboard page



Puerto Rico DIDs are now available

New DIDs are now available throughout the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Alaska DIDs are now available

Anchorage DIDs(907) are now available under a variety of our inbound products (Pay-Per Minute, Personal Unlimited, Office Unlimited, and Service Provider Unlimited).


Free Toll-Free DID Porting Promotion has been extended

Due to customer demand/requests we will be extending our Free Toll-Free DID Porting Promotion!

We provide full support for porting North America Based Toll-Free Numbers (800,855,866,877,888) into our service and for a limited time we will be waiving the associated porting fees ($25 per TF Number Ported) for ALL Toll-Free Port Requests submitted after 05/03/2013.

There are no per customer limits in regards to how many ported Toll-Free Numbers are eligible for this promotion, so if you have been considering transferring your number(s) now is a great time to take advantage of some terrific savings.

Please keep in mind that this promotion will only be running for a limited time, and when it expires the traditional $25 per DID fee will be re-instated.

Free Vanity Toll-Free Number Searches

Free Vanity Toll-Free Number Searches – Get the perfect number for your business, promotion, or application. There is no charge to submit a query to see if the number you want is available and if/so we can attain it for you in 1-3 Business Days.


Our newest features were developed based on feedback from our Valued Customers.

We will be releasing additional enhancements to our Extensions/Sub-Account Service and some of the most requested/anticipated features are coming soon.

Additionally significant developments are in the works from our engineering team to fortify our infrastructure, increase our reliability, and improve customer communication.

Stay tuned…