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Your Internet Connection and VoIP

One of the biggest factors that can affect the experience of using VoIP is the internet connection. VoIP does stand for Voice over Internet Protocol, after all. The main misconception is that as long as you have a fast internet connection, VoIP should work. While bandwidth does play a large factor, there are also other things to take into consideration. We will take a look at the MOS, or Mean Opinion Sore, to help you get a better idea of how suited your connection is for VoIP. Continue reading

Advanced Call Handling With Call Treatments

Now that we covered the basics and some other options in our first and second article about call treatments and call forwarding, we can explore more complex features of Call treatments and get creative. For our advanced Call treatments article, we’ll be discussing the following:

  • Wildcards
  • Forwarding to a SIP URI
  • Extensions
  • Telemarketer Block
  • Examples of each scenario

Continue reading