Walkthrough: Porting to Callcentric

If you’re thinking about porting a number to Callcentric, you’ll first want to ensure that the number is portable to our service. Our LNP Tool will allow you to look up any United States or Canadian number to see if the number is portable. You will also be able to see which inbound phone number product you can port the number to.
First Step: Let’s Get Started

For the most part you’ll be able to port your number to one of the following inbound phone number products:

Personal Unlimited:

$5.95 per month, $5.95 one time setup fee

Pay Per Minute:

$1.95 per month, plus $0.015/min for all incoming calls, $3.95 one time setup fee

Office Unlimited:

$8.95 per month, $8.95 one time setup fee

Service Provider Unlimited:

$19.95 per month, $19.95 one time setup fee

Our LNP Tool will assist you in finding out whether your number, or numbers, are portable to Callcentric.


If you’re looking to port a Toll Free Number, the LNP Tool will also allow you to see if you’re able to port your Toll Free Number to Callcentric. Toll Free Numbers are portable to the follow product:

Toll Free:

$3.95 per month, $3.95 one time setup fee
Per minute fee varies:
US $0.029
Canada $0.070
HI $0.069
AK $0.220
Caribbean $0.069
Guam $0.099


Next Step: Configuring user agent and testing


If your number is portable, we recommend testing to ensure you’re able to register your user agent. Also you’ll want to see if Callcentric services suits your needs.

You can find all our setup guides here for all the ATA (analog telephone adapters), IP Phones, softphones and IP PBX that we have tested and recommend. If you need assistance with registering your user agent, contact our support personal through our Trouble Ticket system and they will assist you.

You can test outbound calling for free, by following this FAQ and calling our test number, 17771234567. Our test number forwards calls to a Toll Free Number on the PSTN. You could also add the Pay Per Call outbound rate plan and $5.00 to your account balance if you wanted to test to other PSTN numbers. Note that the 911 Cost Recovery Fee may apply. If you do decide not to use our service, any remaining balance will be refunded.

Inbound calls can be tested using our Click 2 Dial feature as mentioned in this FAQ. You could also add a Free Phone Numberinbound product to your account. With the Free Phone Number inbound product, like the Pay Per Call outbound rate plan, the 911 Cost Recovery Fee may apply.

It’s important to note that here at Callcentric, our inbound phone number products are separate from the outbound rate plans. While you can port a number to some of our inbound phone number products, you won’t be able to port to an outbound rate plan. We separate our services so you can choose the products that best suite your user case and pay the most efficient cost.

Third Step: Starting the porting process

Once you have chosen which inbound phone number product you wish to port your number to, on the LNP Tool page click the Begin porting button.


You’ll then be taken to our Begin porting your number (LNP) page. On this page is list of questions and answers to help you port your number smoothly. Once you have looked over this page, click ‘Next’.

EntercurrentserviceproviderFor the Enter current service provider information page, you’ll want to provide the name of the provider you’re porting your number from, and the account number. After clicking Continue, you will then enter the number or numbers you plan to port to Callcentric on the Enter the number(s) you want to port: page. You’ll need to click Lookup which will confirm that the number or numbers are portable. If you’re porting a Toll Free Number along with a regular number, you’ll need to open a second porting ticket. You can then click Continue to proceed to the next page.

On the Select Product for page you’ll be able to choose to port your number to a new product or to replace an existing phone number on your account.

Note that you cannot replace, or port in to, Free Phone Numbers or Dirt Cheap DID’s since these are special products.

Replacing an existing phone number is useful when you’re testing a paid product and want to have that test number replaced with your ported number.

For the account details page, we’ll need the name (first and last) of the account holder, the address, and account information.

Note this information needs to exactly match your existing account details.

We’ll need the first and last name of the account holder, address and account information. For example, if the address uses DR instead of Drive, you’ll need to use DR (if the bill abbreviates, you must also abbreviate). If you’re porting a wireless number, depending on the type of account, you’ll need to provide the last 4 digits of your social security number, for business accounts the federal tax ID or for pre-paid accounts your PIN or password. You’ll then want to verify the information and click Continue.

On the Print the form and submit port page, you’ll want to print our your Letter of Agency and sign the form. The Letter of Agency forms also include a set of Number Porting instructions. We highly recommend you read the Number Porting instructions. Also note we’ll need the Letter of Agency form signed, along with a recent bill/invoice from your current phone provider that shows your full name, address, account number, primary number on the account and all the numbers you are porting to Callcentric. Preferably, we recommend uploading this documentation to your LNP order Ticket. You can also email these documents to lnp@callcentric.com or fax to 16468109250 if needed. It’s important to note that the porting of your number cannot proceed without this documentation.

Fourth Step: Other important information.

Google Voice customers will need to unlock their numbers from their Google Voice accounts. Instructions for unlocking should be provided by Google in their FAQ.

MagicJack customers will need to obtain your 8 digit account number. You should be able to get this information when contacting MagicJack support. You will also need your PIN (password for the account).

When porting a number to Callcentric, there is a $10.00 porting fee for each number. If you’re porting sequential numbers, then you would only be billed for one porting fee. For example, if you’re porting 12125554433 and 12125554434, there would be one $10.00 fee. If you were porting 12125554433 and 1212554321 there would be two porting fees ($20.00 total).

Besides the porting fee, you’re also billed for the inbound phone number product that you port the number onto. This includes the monthly fee and the one time setup fee. If you’re porting to the Pay Per Minute inbound phone number product, or Toll Free Number product there’s also a per minute fee for all inbound calls. You’ll need to have funds in your account balance in order to receive calls to those products.

When porting your number to Callcentric you will want to keep the number active with your current provider until porting has completed (after porting has completed then you will want to contact your provider to ensure that it is canceled). You will be able to continue to receive calls through your provider you are porting from.

On average the entire porting procedure takes upwards of about 25 10 – 12 days to complete. While the process to get your number ported may take on average 25 10- 12 days (could be less or could be more), on the day that the number is actually ported you will experience a downtime of around 30 minutes. However on our side, we will do everything in our power to minimize any downtime and inconvenience that you may experience during the entire porting procedure.