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Reviews from Callcentric. Trust us to test your favorite device, softphone and other software and let you know whether it’s right or not.

Review: Grandstream GXP2200

The Grandstream GXP2200 is a unique IP phone that blends great functionality with flexibility. The standout feature of this phone is that it runs on Android and includes a touch screen display which elevates this device above most phones due to the added functionality and media capabilities that this offers. However that is not to say the GXP2200 is without fault, for instance the  lack of a built in webcam is a puzzling omission, and the inclusion of this feature would further expand it’s usability to allow not just SIP to SIP video calls, but Skype, Google+ and other popular video chatting applications. But even that aside there are many things to admire about this phone which would convince most potential buyers that it is worth the surprisingly low price of entry for this type of hardware. Continue reading

Free Mobile Clients: SIP on the go

Here at Callcentric we can become overwhelmed with the many IP phones, ATAs, IP PBXs and other SIP solutions that run around in the wild. A phone on your desk for work, one at home for more work and then an IP PBX to connect them all together, of course for more work. Yes it’s a benefit and we love the flexibility and freedom, we really do. If you love flexibility as well then these last few words must have been absolutely comforting to you.

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Review: Grandstream GXV3140

The GXV3140 from Grandstream packages a pleasing facade with both basic and advanced functions. This IP Phone offers high quality audio, video and additional usable features which attempt to make it the hub of your quickly accessible media and communications experience. The GXV3140 benefits from recent redesigns and functionality across the Grandstream line of devices. Office users will find something to appreciate while home users will find something to admire. Continue reading

Review: Obihai OBi202 ATA

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) users in the VoIP world became familiar with Obihai a few years ago with the introduction of the OBi100 and OBi110 devices. Although Obihai itself is a new company the expertise and people behind the company have been at work in the VoIP hardware sector from the Komodo device in the early 1990s to Sipura technologies, Linksys PAPs and finally to the Obihai we know today. Continue reading