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Use these tips to resolve your most common issues and share your some tips if you have them.

Experience Video Calling WIth Callcentric

So you’ve got your new Android phone, quad core Exynos, 2GB RAM and a 1.9MP front facing camera. You receive a SIP call on your SIP softphone and your friend is describing this awesome new craze in Japan. He wants to show you but he’ll have to wait to get off the phone to send the pics on Instagram, facebook or through regular snail-email. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to turn on the video feed while on the call and see the awesomeness in realtime? Well you can and you should because, guess what, you can use video with Callcentric. Continue reading

Common SIP Problems

You can’t navigate IVR menus. You have poor audio quality on calls. You have echo on calls. Your registration is constantly dropping. You get timeout errors. Your incoming calls don’t reach you. You only get one phone to ring when call hunting. Ahhhhh!! So many possible problems. The reality is that anything that can possibly go wrong may go wrong when using IP based communications. The reverse is that everything can go right. But for the times when they go wrong we’re here to lend a knowledgeable hand. Continue reading

Callcentric is on Vacation

For the vacationers and business goers out there there’s nothing like an all inclusive package for your trip, food, and the business at hand, which could be no business at all. You take with you what you need and enjoy your time. At the end of it all you want to feel like you’ve maximized your budget. If you are part of the unlucky crowd you may have come home from vacation and then a month or so later are served with a ridiculous bill for the calls you received. Or were you charged an exorbitant amount for the calls back home to let everyone know that this trip is absolutely amazing? Sorry for the scare tactics but lets step back a bit. When planning began you tried your hardest to get the best deal so why should you stop at hotel rooms and bookings? Why not save on your calls to keep in touch with those most important to you. Well that’s just what Callcentric can do for you. If you want to know how to save while you enjoy yourself read on. For the others, well we have this magic fish oil here… Continue reading

Security in a VoIP World

“…you can be a bit paranoid about your security. As long as you are able to send and receive your calls there is nothing wrong with being too secure.”

Continue reading