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FreePBX Security Advisory

This is a security notice to FreePBX users, which may include pbxinaflash, Elastix and Trixbox users. This security notice is going out to inform you of a critical security vulnerability in these systems. Please be aware that this notice does not pertain to Callcentric’s servers as this exploit is entirely user side.

We have been informed of a critical zero-day exploit for FreePBX users, which means that the threat to their PBX/network security is imminent. Continue reading

Experience Video Calling WIth Callcentric

So you’ve got your new Android phone, quad core Exynos, 2GB RAM and a 1.9MP front facing camera. You receive a SIP call on your SIP softphone and your friend is describing this awesome new craze in Japan. He wants to show you but he’ll have to wait to get off the phone to send the pics on Instagram, facebook or through regular snail-email. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to turn on the video feed while on the call and see the awesomeness in realtime? Well you can and you should because, guess what, you can use video with Callcentric. Continue reading