Your UA Your Way


At Callcentric, we embrace the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) idea. Using the services you want on your terms and using the UA (User Agent software or hardware) you want on your terms are mantras we operate by. Because of this it is very interesting to see the various UA  that is used on the Callcentric network. From simple softphones to complex IP PBX systems, our users truly embrace the flexibility we provide, and we appreciate that. We want to share some of this information with you so that you can see what we might encounter on a daily basis. Continue reading

Review: Grandstream GXP2200

The Grandstream GXP2200 is a unique IP phone that blends great functionality with flexibility. The standout feature of this phone is that it runs on Android and includes a touch screen display which elevates this device above most phones due to the added functionality and media capabilities that this offers. However that is not to say the GXP2200 is without fault, for instance the  lack of a built in webcam is a puzzling omission, and the inclusion of this feature would further expand it’s usability to allow not just SIP to SIP video calls, but Skype, Google+ and other popular video chatting applications. But even that aside there are many things to admire about this phone which would convince most potential buyers that it is worth the surprisingly low price of entry for this type of hardware. Continue reading

Intermediate Call Handling With Call Treatments

In our first article on Call treatments we covered basic settings, terminology, and configuration as well as some simple real world examples of Call treatment rules. This article will cover slightly more advanced configurations of Call treatment rules, as well as provide some real world examples of how you can use these rules in your everyday life. To help you get started, we’ll need to layout some ground rules first.

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Paid SIP Clients: More SIP For Your Dollar

In December 2012 we introduced a few free mobile SIP clients and gave our mini-reviews of each. Due to the popularity of these clients we thought we would follow up with some mini-reviews of paid SIP clients. As before this is not meant to be a be-all/end-all article but rather a tool to help you decide which option would be best based on our experience.

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The “No Surprises” Billing Method

Callcentric offers a variety of free services for all users. With so many free features and options it’s a surprise to some that we offer paid service options. What paid services you ask? Well, there’s our incoming and outgoing services as well as 911 for those who are required to have it. Of course in order to pay for these paid services you need to have your billing settings configured properly. Although the billing process is pretty straight forward it can be a bit confusing for some. We want you to take advantage of the many options to both save and earn with your Callcentric account.  Here are some tips and suggestions to help you configure your billing with Callcentric so that it's right for you. Continue reading