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Advanced Call Handling With Call Treatments

Now that we covered the basics and some other options in our first and second article about call treatments and call forwarding, we can explore more complex features of Call treatments and get creative. For our advanced Call treatments article, we’ll be discussing the following:

  • Wildcards
  • Forwarding to a SIP URI
  • Extensions
  • Telemarketer Block
  • Examples of each scenario

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Basic Call Handling With Call Treatments

Call Treatments are powerful call forwarding tools available to all Callcentric accounts. You can create Call Treatment rules that will allow you to forward calls to error messages, voice mail, a busy signal, mobile phones, landline phones, other Callcentric accounts or even non-Callcentric SIP URIs. Call Treatment rules can also be created for simultaneous ringing or call hunting. Continue reading

All About The Numbers

Most users are accustomed to the bundled services which offer you incoming and outgoing services, regardless of where you want them together or not. Mobile phone users, cable phone service bundles and others attempt to offer you these bundles to try to incentivize you into thinking you’d be saving more; when the honest truth is that they hope to get as many users as possible to pay much more for what they would need. The bundles do work for some users; however at Callcentric we believe in user choice and freedom. You can already use whichever SIP/2.0 compatible software or hardware you wish with our services so why not choose the exact incoming and outgoing services you want? Continue reading