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FreePBX Security Advisory

This is a security notice to FreePBX users, which may include pbxinaflash, Elastix and Trixbox users. This security notice is going out to inform you of a critical security vulnerability in these systems. Please be aware that this notice does not pertain to Callcentric’s servers as this exploit is entirely user side.

We have been informed of a critical zero-day exploit for FreePBX users, which means that the threat to their PBX/network security is imminent. Continue reading

New Features!!

We are excited to announce the following new Features and Promotions available as of September 24, 2012. Features include free Toll Free number porting, free Vanity Toll Free number search, new account center alerts, improved security with IP whitelisting and bugfixes for 3 way and 4 way calling.

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Security in a VoIP World

“…you can be a bit paranoid about your security. As long as you are able to send and receive your calls there is nothing wrong with being too secure.”

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